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Upplagt av Nina

For some reason I feel like blogging again, not that I really have anything interesting to share, unless you're interested in my everyday life. Fantastic!
I'm going to try to write in English again, I use English too seldom since finishing school, so it's a good way to keep it fresh. Hopefully my spelling won't be atrocious.

A good way to start might be to try and define who, what and why I am. I'm girl in Sweden who recently just realized that there should be more to life than just eat, sleep and work. I just don't know yet what it is that I'm missing. Yes it is rather late to realize this now, that I know, but somehow it feels like my life until now have been kind of a haze. So right now I want to find out what's missing in my life, maybe nothing is missing? Maybe it's just me not realizing all the good things I have? We'll see I guess.

Found new music yesterday that I like! Thenewno2, is rather nice actually. But why do they force me to buy their music over iTunes? Not too happy about that. And while on the subject good music, why won't The Vinegar Tears release an album? I want to buy your music, please??
Haha, my first entry in years (I removed all the old ones to get a fresh start), and I feel so vapid! But that seems to be the thing when blogging in Swedish, write mind numbingly dumb entries where you either trash talk teenage bloggers or write what you ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack (I ate pizza for brunch!).
And the second rule to blogging in Sweden is: if you have a cute animal for accessory post pictures of it!

Well, my pack would never agree to be accessories for me, it might even be the other way around (walking with my dog sometimes feels like walking next to a superstar, no kidding! But that's another entry.), but I promised my friend Agz that I'd show a picture or two of my little pack, and it's also a good way to make up for this rather dull entry (hah, I really do sound like Eeyore at times!).